48 Startups is an Arizona based non-profit all volunteer organization that promotes startup businesses, entrepreneurship, and technology industries in the state of Arizona.

48 Startups understands that the biggest cause of failure in new startups is simply because small businesses must “go it alone” with no support directly provided to entrepreneurs to help them remain enthusiastic in the face of difficult conditions and long working hours.

We provide startups and small businesses with a host of information, direct services, training, one-on-one mentoring, hands-on business workshops, and a vast networking of successful business leaders willing to provide guidance and know-how.

Our signature event PHX Startup Week is the single largest entrepreneurial and incubator event in the state. The event is free and attracts thousands of startups, small businesses, successful business owners, investors, developers, creatives, educators, major corporations, sponsors and politicians in the Phoenix-metro area.

48 Startups assists startups with investment opportunities through our pitch competition Street Pitch. In February of 2017, OYE Business Intelligence won Phoenix Startup Week’s inaugural Street Pitch startup competition, beating out nine other startups for a $50,000 investment from the Arizona Founders Fund.

Stephen Viramontes

Stephen Viramontes is 3-time entrepreneur. He built his first multi-million dollar company in his hometown of Fresno, CA at the age of twenty-one prior to exiting and moving to AZ in 2006. Stephen, goes by “V”. (He was given the abbreviated nickname by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey.) After spending several years in politics “V” founded AssureVote, a vertical SaaS (software-as-a-service) company that makes elections more secure and voting simple. Even though “V” is an AZ transplant, he’s committed to growing the startup and tech community throughout the State. As a volunteer, he serves as: the Chief Organizer of PHX Startup Week, (AZ’s largest entrepreneurial event); co-founder of StreetPitch, (a new way to pitch your company and earn an investment); and, a member of the Arizona Technology Council’s Startup and Entrepreneurship Committee, (focusing on the collaboration of local startups and AZ-based Fortune 1000 companies). His nonprofit organization 48 Startups recently launched a new pre-product tech incubator for founders wanting to prototype their ideas in downtown Phoenix.

Vicki Hochstetler

Vicki Hochstetler is a Project Manager and Instructional Designer with a background in healthcare education. With a Master’s Degree in Education Technology, Vicki has spent over 10 years bringing innovative technology solutions to hospice professionals. Her passion for healthcare and technology led her to co-found Reimagined Health, a SaaS based Electronic Health Record system for the hospice industry based in Phoenix. She leverages her experience to assist other start-ups with programming and resources to achieve their goals.